Located in the southeastern portion of BC, among the Selkirk Mountains, Nelson is a mecca for artist communities. Big business has been told to stay out. Local shops, restaurants, theaters, and farmers make this community what it is. 

Refurbishment of old buildings has brought a bit of notoriety to the scenic, urban style. The cultivation of a certain plant species has become very profitable here, and hippies are not mad. But it's more than just high-fives and peace signs. Connecting with nature is what British Columbia residents do best. Nelson is no different.

Mountain sports including several varieties of skiing in the winter and opportunities to get lost hiking in the summer are uniquely accessible. The Canadian Rockies are majestic, wild, and waiting on Nelson's back porch. There are also relaxing things to do in nature, as the Ainsworth Hot Springs are not too far down the road.

For anyone who is ready to check out for a few days, whether in body or mind, Nelson's the place to go!