British Columbia (BC) is the westernmost province of Canada. This sparsely populated, natural landscape dominates an area larger than the combined countries of France and Germany. It is part of the greater Pacific Northwest climate. Mountains, valleys, seascapes, islands, and even a desert lend themselves to varied settings for the multicultural population of over 4 million residents. The world-class city of Vancouver is home to more than half of the people living in BC. Everyone else is scattered among the much smaller cities and towns peppered throughout the region. Inhabitants of this beautiful area are not limited to humans. Abundant wildlife in the air, water, and on terra firma, add to the adventurous experience of being in British Columbia!

Recreational opportunities present themselves at every turn. Activities that take advantage of the rich outdoors environment are especially popular. The climate in BC changes seasonally. People are accustomed to adapting to the changing weather patterns. It rains a lot in coastal areas and lower elevations of the Pacific Northwest. Higher elevations receive heavy doses of snow several months of the year. Those who enjoy the mountains happily trade hiking boots for skis and snowboards in the winter, vice versa as spring thaws into summer. Marine and freshwater lakes, reservoirs, and rivers offer excellent boating year-round. Indoor sports, concerts, theater events, and other cultural gatherings are also very available. Tourists from around the globe flock here to stay active during their "downtime."

Today, British Columbia is a conveniently accessed point on the map. Bordered by the Yukon and Northwest Territories to the north, the province of Alberta to the east, Washington, Idaho, Montana (USA), and to the west by Alaska of the United States and the Pacific Ocean, BC is a popular location to conduct international business or vacation. Recent population booms have been localized to the cities, meaning much of the countryside is still free from human influence. National parks from oceanic Vancouver Island to Kootenay inland, all the way to Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park and everywhere in between or to the side are waiting to be explored by everyone, for most any reason. Make sure and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.