British Columbia's provincial bird may be the Steller's Jay, but a wide and diverse selection of birds commonly flock to BC.

Over 500 species have been described in BC since the mid-19th century, with over 450 of them still viewable. British Columbia is a part of the Pacific Flyway and is visited by migratory birds along several overland and coastal routes. Vagrants, or birds that do not generally inhabit an area, are common in BC and account for some of the diversity in the province.

Birding is an extremely popular pastime among outdoor enthusiasts in British Columbia. Seasonal species are especially looked out for and noted for their migratory patterns. Large birds of prey, Eagles and Hawks of several variety, are not nearly as prized to view as some of the smaller songbirds. The George C Reifel Bird Sanctuary boasts that people have spotted 240 species on its 850 acres.

It does not matter where a person is in British Columbia, there is always a winged creature to look out for. Make sure and keep a pair of binoculars handy, and maybe even invest in a journal to keep track of how many species you see. There are birder communities everywhere who will be interested in your discoveries!